Illusionist Heart Pendant


Model of the Illusionist Heart Pendant from the Illusionist movie.

A terrific gift for a loved one!!!

Precise and tiny model of the Illusionist Heart Pendant. The Pendant has special crevices for up to 4 pictures, two on each side.

The assembly of the Pendant does not require any glue and uses a smart locking mechanism so it won’t fall apart after assembly, like some other models. The locking mechanism works well despite its tiny size. It is the only model that has those features!
(this is how the lock part is detached from the big parts:

The size of the Pendant after assembly is:
Length: 5cm (without the loop)
Width: 2cm
Height: 0.6cm.

This project was tested and revised extensively until it reached the current stage. It was tested using an “UP” Printer with ABS and works flawlessly despite the lower accuracy.

If you are interested in a specialized dedication, decorations, etc – Please contact me.

for the one piese version:




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